Bober Team

Since its establishment in 1990, Agencja Jeździecka A.A. Bober has been specializing in support of racehorses and sports horses including their biological regeneration. Our offer is based on many years’ experience of Artur Bober (1st class coach), the former competitor (the champion class) and the coach for Polish National Team (juniors and seniors) in Three Days’ Event. For last 10 years, we have been dealing with racehorses of the best coaches from Central and Eastern Europe and their spectacular successes were based, among other things, on co-operation with our firm.
All winners of the Great Pardubice Steeplechase within this period were our customers and partners.

In 2015, we transferred our experience from racing to another equestrian events. We introduced the following concepts to the equestrian sport in Poland: support and biological regeneration of a horse and a competitor at events and racing. We were the first to deal (with Dr Jan Blecharz’s aid) with mental training for riders (silver medal at European Junior Championship in Biały Bór 1997).

We retail products and sell wholesale in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. We have also the following departments: artHippica (art), dgbober (gadgets) and artAwards (prizes).


Anna Bober – a university graduate (Wrocław University).
Master’s thesis: Research agricultural book at interwar Poland.

A riding-master. The co-author of Artur Bober’s successes; she worked with him at the equestrian clubs: Wojanów and Strzegom. The French language interpreter during meetings with Nelson and Rodrigo Pessoa as well as with manufacturers from Belgium and France. She deals with French-speaking customers and strategic customers’ settlements.
She keeps the prize department, artAwards – bober (Velká Pardubická, FEI Sires of the World 2009 – Zangersheide, Derby of Poland, Derby of Czech Republic, Derby of Slovakia, Poland Championships in Show-Jumping, Dressage and Three Days’ Event…)

Hobby: a garden and books on horse-riding.


Maria Bober a sports psychologist, a university graduate (University of Social Sciences and Humanities – faculty in Wroclaw). Master’s thesis: Brand logo influence on popularity of niche events.

Between 2011 and 2012, a participant of Erasmus programme – Universita Degli Studi di Firenze – Italy. A triple medallist of Kendo Championships of Poland, a competitor – the champion class (3-dan). A participant of the World Championships (Italy, Japan) and the European Championships (Germany, France). Between 2014 and 2016 – post graduate studies in Positive Sports Psychology at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities – faculty in Sopot. Since 2014, she has been working with competitors of different sports (equestrian sport, kendo, boxing, golf) and people from the world of art and business.

At our firm, she deals with education concerning the sports psychology for competitors, coaches, parents and activists.

Hobby: Travelling and martial arts.


Artur Bober – a university graduate (Academy of Physical Education in Wrocław).
Master’s thesis: Theory of sports training in horse-riding.

A competitor – the champion class, a 1st class equestrian coach .
A medallist of the Three Days’ Event Championships of Poland (Stara Miłosna 1979, xo Chorwat; Jaroszówka 1984, Bemol xx ; Jaroszówka 1986 – Czubczyk xx ),
a participant of: the Three Days’ Event World Championships (Luhmühlen 1982 – Czubczyk xx ), the Show-Jumping Poland Championships, (Moszna 1985 – Czubczyk xx ),
and the High-Jump Competition (Giezno 1985 – Czubczyk xx – 200 cm), a representative of Poland – Equestrian Games (Sztokholm 1990 – Rosario xx ).
Conferee with the gold FEI badge and the silver PZJ (Polish Equestrian Union) badge.
Qualified to Polish Olympic Team, Los Angeles 1984

The first coach of Three Days’ Event at Stragona Strzegom club . The first medal-winner for this club at the Poland Championships : Bemol xx (Strzegom stud farm), silver medal – 1984 r.,
Czubczyk xx (Kozienice stud farm), bronze medal – 1986 r.
The coach of the following competitors: Artur Społowicz, Mariusz Kleniuk, Jan Cieślar, Jan Mleczko, Mirosław Loska. Between 1982 and 1984 – a national coach of Three Days’ Event juniors; and between 1987 and 2000 – a national senior coach. In 2000, he was a coach-coordinator for the Three Days’ Event.

Artur Bober – a stuntman, a glider pilot and a parachute jumper (49 jumps).

He keeps the departments: dgbober – design gadged bober and artHippica.

Hobby: a collector of sculpture and painting – horse-riding.


Marcin Bober – a university graduate (Academy of Management and Foreign Languages in Katowice).
Master’s thesis: Marketing Management of Equestrian Centres.

The English language interpreter during the monthly expeditions of Polish painters to India and Mexico. Practice at Haras de Ligny, the Nelson Pessoa’s stable. A participant of seminars concerning the sports marketing (Racing Academy & Centre of Education Curragh, Ireland).

In Poland, he is the only man that has finished The Racing Industry Course at The British Racing School – Newmarket, Great Britain.

He is responsible for contacts with English-speaking companies and for the projects: British Racing School and European Racecourses.

Hobby: sailing, boatbuilding, cabinet-making.

The Bober Team is also concreated by:

Aleksandra Brzozowska – wholesale and orders.
Annna Kwaśniak – retail sale and orders.
Dawid Bolek – the technical department – the network administration, the computer graphics.
Alicja Szaro – the technical department – the warehouse and shipment handling.