No Doping

Agencja Jeździecka A.A. Bober is aware of consequences for results, a good name of a horse owner, a rider, a trainer and his/her stable reputation when a prohibited substance is discovered. So, we do our best to offer supporting products and biological regeneration devices that do not contravene the regulations on prohibited substances.

Horse well-being as an athlete is the most important factor when we look for new supporting products and biological regeneration devices; we consider particularly regulations and certificates of the world-wide authorities in the area of:

– Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances (NOPS)

– No Doping Substance (NDS)

– Independent Equine Nutrition (IEN)

– Le Laboratoire Des Courses Hippiques

In our opinion, the best anti-doping regulations have been developed by the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) . Due to their long racing and sports tradition, many racecourses and, first of all, official operation od betting shops on this market, the English authority has established regulations that fight against doping in the equestrian sport most effectively.

In order to help the whole equestrian circle to come to know and understand the anti-doping regulations, we have created the webpage No Doping , where we are going to insert as follows:

– declarations and certificates ( NOPS – IEN, NDS – Le Laboratoire Des Courses Hippiques ) of manufacturers we are representing

– BHA (British Horseracing Authority) regulations in English, Czech and Polish languages

FEI (Fédération Equestre Internationale) egulations in English, Czech and Polish languages

English racing regulations include all aspects of racing, therefore interpretation of the anti-doping section itself can result in some misunderstanding.

An example of interconnection between regulations included in the different sections can be the recommendation that can be found at labels of Superfix products. The manufacturer recommends to stop administration of the product 24 hours before a race / competition despite the product does not contain any prohibited substances.

How to interpret this? The text on the labels results from the regulation that forbids administration of any products or use different treatments in horses located at the official and secured stable designed for horses that participate the racing.

If a trainer of a horse that is already located in such a box wants to give something (except water, normal food and hay), he/she must notify the veterinary surgeon or the steward.

*Rainer Manual (c) Part 3 p. 33

The steward may demand to locate a horse at the official stable up to 24 hours before the race. He/she may also instruct to leave the horse for 24 hours after the race.

*Race Manual, Part 1 pod. pt, 6.1.6

Therefore, the Superfix recommends on their labels to stop use of their products 24 hours before start according the BHA regulations to protect their customers against problems.

Below, you can see Superfix’s declaration and BHA’s position thereon.

(click on the ‘Companies’ declarations and certificates’):

Companies’ declarations and certificates NOPS (IEN), NDS (Le Laboratoire Des Courses Hippiques) in english (original)
Superfix – 25/11/2015 | Equiform Nutrition – 26/11/2015 | Farnam – 30/11/2015

BEVA is a membership organisation for those interested in equine veterinary medicine.

2018-09-20: Following the changes to the FEI & International racing jurisdictions permitted levels of Cobalt in horses, Equiform Nutrition have removed Cobalt from all branded products manufactured after July 2018 – official letter EN | e-mail EN / PL

Equine Prohibited Substances List