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Since its establishment in 1990, Agencja Jeździecka has been specializing in consultancy in the area of support for racehorses and sports horses including their biological regeneration in a fast and effective way. Our firm has the following departments: ArtHippica (art), DGBober (gadgets) and Horse Awards (prizes).

We have introduced the following ideas to the equestrian sport in Poland: support and biological regeneration of a horse and a rider during training, competitions and racing. We were the first to deal with psychological training for riders with the help of Dr. Jan Blecharz.

This resulted from natural continuation of Artur Bober’s career as a competitor and a trainer. He was a member of Polish National Three Days’ Event Team for 18 years, a triple medallist at Championships of Poland, a participant of the Three Days’ Event World Championships in Luhmühlen and the Equestrian Games in Stockholm.

Within 1982-1984, Artur Bober was a trainer of the Polish National Three Days’ Event Junior Team and within 1987-2000 – of the Senior Team. In 2000, he became a trainer-coordinator for the Three Days’ Event.

Artur Bober – a university graduate (Academy of Physical Education in Wrocław), a 1st class trainer, a former stuntman (the films: Flood, Black Clouds), a glider pilot and parachute jumper (49 jumps).

Our main objective for 2016 is to transfer our experience and successes achieved when supporting racehorses on the sports horses.

Agencja Jeździecka A.A. Bober is aware of consequences for results, a good name of a horse owner, a rider, a trainer and his/her stable reputation when a prohibited substance is discovered. So, we do our best to offer supporting products and biological regeneration devices that do not contravene the regulations on prohibited substances.

Horse well-being as an athlete is the most important factor when we look for new supporting products and biological regeneration devices; we consider particularly regulations and certificates of the world-wide authorities in the area of:

– Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances (NOPS)

– No Doping Substance (NDS)

– Independent Equine Nutrition (IEN)

– Le Laboratoire Des Courses Hippiques

In our opinion, the best anti-doping regulations have been developed by the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) . Due to their long racing and sports tradition, many racecourses and, first of all, official operation od betting shops on this market, the English authority has established regulations that fight against doping in the equestrian sport most effectively.

In order to help the whole equestrian circle to come to know and understand the anti-doping regulations, we have created the webpage No Doping , where we are going to insert as follows:

– declarations and certificates ( NOPS – IEN, NDS – Le Laboratoire Des Courses Hippiques ) of manufacturers we are representing

BHA (British Horseracing Authority) regulations in English, Czech and Polish languages

FEI (Fédération Equestre Internationale) egulations in English, Czech and Polish languages

Further information on our awards and promotional products, see:

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Agencja Jeździecka A.A. Bober is the originator and the founder of Polish Equestrianism Foundation ; we are also the initiator and the co-author of Polish Day at Pardubice – the qualification for the oldest steeplechase in Europe. We were also the originator and the coorganizer of carnival balls at Kliczków Castle – ‘Equestrian Gala’ .

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Anna, Artur & Marcin Bober